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Moving into an HOA Community can be a new experience and one of the best decisions you can make for your family. Belonging to an HOA community creates a sense of belonging.  An HOA helps maintain property values, provides financial stability, and makes available access to desirable recreational activities. Your dues go towards running and upkeep of these facilities and you have access to them as a community member. A gated HOA also provides a family with added security. 


We are pleased to share an overview of how the Homeowners Association keeps you connected with your community and the role of its Board of Directors.


The HOA Architectural Committee at Chaparral  Country Club, which is made up of homeowners, is charged with preserving the architectural integrity of the community.

The duties of the Architectural Committee are outlined in the Chaparral Association Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs). The Architectural Committee is responsible for reviewing all proposals or plans for any exterior change or alteration to ensure the requested change is in compliance with Architectural Guidelines and Rules and Regulations.

The Homeowner is responsible for submitting their written request for any exterior change or modification to the Architectural Committee before beginning any work.

Chaparral Community Architecture
Chaparral Community Landscape


The Landscape Committee plays an integral role in keeping Chaparral well-maintained and beautifully landscaped with a unique mixture of trees, manicured bushes, drought-tolerant plants, and desert-scape, as well as seasonal flowers. Upon entering our gates, residents and visitors are treated to a lovely golf course surrounded by vibrant landscaping that adds color, texture, visual interest throughout the community.


The landscape committee strives to pay homage to our early days of development while integrating new landscaping trends, and environmental practices. Moving forward we will embrace more drought-tolerant native plants to limit our water consumption and be kinder to the environment.


One of the primary responsibilities of an HOA is to maintain, repair, and replace the common area improvements located throughout the association’s development. 


At Chaparral, these responsibilities fall under the direction of the Maintenance Committee. 

Chaparral Front Gate


Homeowners choose a gated community for the peace of mind that comes from living in a secure environment. 


At Chaparral, the HOA Security Committee takes that mission very seriously. The Committee Members volunteer their time to monitor the activities of its 24-hour 7 days per week contracted security company. This ensures that all rules and regulations are being followed. And, that the latest advances in security systems and procedures are investigated and implemented where needed. 

You can be sure that your safety and security are top of mind when you reside at Chaparral.


Financial management is a complex responsibility of an HOA board. The Board members must ensure the association’s funds are in order and properly allocated to make sure the community runs smoothly and efficiently. 

Currently, the Chaparral homeowner's dues are $665 monthly.  Our reserve account has a balance of $2.1 million.

Chaparral Pond


I moved to Chaparral in 2001, and the last twenty years have been more fun than I could have imagined.  I thought my teenage years in Pittsburgh were the best, but Chaparral has set the bar even higher.  It has been the most enjoyable place I have ever lived. I describe it as a neighborhood with a fun golf club and a warm, friendly culture.

M. Farber

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