Chaparral Emergency Preparedness


Chaparral’s emergency preparedness efforts began in 1994 as part of a neighborhood watch program headed by a long-term resident Dick Grundy. In January 2009, an official EmergencyPreparedness Committee, an HOA sub-committee of the Security Committee, was formed and co-chaired by Chaparral residents Hillary Stone and Mack Emerson. From its inception, the goal of the Committee has remained consistent:

  1. Help residents prepare for potential disasters at home

  2. Remain self-sufficient as a community during and after a disaster until regional emergency responders can assist us.

  3. Keep residents calm and well-informed.


The Emergency Preparedness Committee (EPC) is primarily funded by the “Beerholers,” who graciously support our efforts through recycling and poker games. Occasional donations of funds and equipment by individual residents and special events round out our funding sources.

Beginning in 2009, EPC has attracted and retained dozens of volunteers to act as dedicated Block Captains, District Directors, Maintenance, Communication, Marketing, and Executive Chairs.


Today, Chaparral Country Club has a well-established and robust Emergency Preparedness Plan in place. Many of the committee members have completed Riverside County’s CERT training courses, field first-aid training, annual ShakeOut Drills, and bi-monthly committee meetings throughout the years.


Chaparral’s EPC is also an active member of Coachella Valley Disaster Preparedness Network, an organization that provides education and training to gated communities and interested residents throughout the Coachella Valley.

Chaparral Emergency Preparedness Committee

The Coachella Valley Disaster Preparedness Network (CVDPN) provides informative how-to- videos to prepare for, ride out, and recover from a major earthquake: