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Chaparral Emergency Preparedness


Chaparral’s emergency preparedness efforts began in 1994 as part of a neighborhood watch program. In January 2009, an official Emergency Preparedness Committee (EPC), an HOA sub-committee of the Security Committee, was formed and from its inception, the mission of the EPC has been to provide “The Greatest Good for the Most People.”


The EPC follows a basic Triage model which is focused on preparedness information, resident self-sufficiency, and event communication.  In the event of an earthquake EPC will provide to Chaparral residents the following:

  1. A Command Center with the primary goal of collecting and disseminating communication.

  2. Provide minimal first aid to the walking wounded at the Command Center, utilizing spontaneous volunteers with medical experience.

  3. Be a conduit of information between Chaparral and the City of Palm Desert’s first responders

The EPC is primarily funded by the “Beerholers,” who graciously support our efforts through a robust recycling program. Occasional donations of funds and equipment by individual residents and other community activities round out our funding sources.

Preparedness and self-sufficiency are crucial to our community’s health and safety. The Emergency Preparedness Committee strives to assist by providing information and resources to help our residents help themselves, before, during, and after a major earthquake.

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