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Water feature on the Golf Course of Chaparral Country Club, Palm Desert, CA


Being a member of a Homeowner’s  Association provides a unique set of opportunities to enhance your community living experience. 

We have included tips and suggestions on how to get the most out of your HOA.

  • Get to know the Rules and respect them:
    Take a close look at your governing documents (CC &Rs) and familiarize yourself with them. If you have questions feel free to contact The management team and they will be able to assist you. You can find the Governing Documents on the Documents page.
  • Get out and enjoy everything your community has to offer:
    If your community has neighborhood parks, pools, meeting rooms, a fitness center, get out and enjoy them with your family. Enjoy the extra things an HOA community offers.
  • Try To Be A Good Neighbor:
    Try to Establish a good relationship with your neighbors. Keep an open line of communication with your neighbor.
  • Get involved in the community:
    HOA’s provide many volunteer opportunities. Start by attending the Homeowner’s Association meetings and get to know your current board members. Boards have committees for which you can volunteer. Learn more about Community Outreach and volunteering
  • Stay Connected:
    Make sure you are signed up to receive communications from the HOA, whether it be through the HOA website, emails or text messages. Make sure you are plugged in and not missing any reverent news or announcements. Check the HOA Latest News.
Flowers at Chaparral Country Club, Palm Desert, CA

HAVE Questions?

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